How To Choose The Right Incontinence Aid

Choose iD for a complete range of light to heavy absorbency incontinence solutions. All iD products are approved by dermatologists.

Choosing the right incontinence product is critical for comfort and security.

Incontinence products come with different features. Each feature helps to effectively handle incontinence; the key is to choose the ones that best meets your needs. Consider the following features:


An incontinence product which is either too small or too large is never effective when it comes to managing fluid leaks. Therefore, it is always recommended to check the size of your waist, thighs and hips before you buy.


The continence product suitable for you will be based on your incontinence needs. If you are among those who experience light leakage, then a shaped pad would be suitable.

However, if you experience constant loss of bladder control, especially at night, it is advisable to select a product with a higher absorbency.

We can help you to choose the right products for your needs by using our Product Finder (add link) for women and men and order a sample online of the selected product.

With our products, there’s no need to stay at home, withdraw from activities, gym, tennis, social activities or travel.


Traveling or merely going out in public can be quite stressful for people with various bowel or urinary conditions. The first thing to remember is there is no real reason why you can’t go away as long as you prepare carefully and plan everything in advance.

Plan ahead and know where the toilets are located for your journey and/or destination. Find out where the closest toilets are and how accessible these are to you. The Department of Health and Ageing has a National Public Toilet Map – this shows the location of more than 16,000 public and private toilet facilities across Australia.

Know how long you will be away from home and make sure you have all the things you may need including a good supply of all the items you will need – pads, pants, creams, wipes, etc.

We have developed a product selector tool on our website to help you choose the right product for your needs (add link to finder). This easy to use online product selector tool has been developed in conjunction with leading Australian healthcare professionals and is designed to help you navigate the many options available from our wide range of continence care solutions. Our goal is provide you with a product that will give you security and comfort to live life to the fullest.

Another useful aid is our iD Continence Care Brochure. The iD Continence Care Brochure contains our complete range from light pads, pants to slips and also tips on product use for security and comfort.

A further useful aid is the Ontex Continence Care Tips booklet. The booklet provides tips on living with incontinence and how to continue to live a full and active life.

For a free copy of either brochure use the contact us form on our website or if you are a healthcare professional contact your local Business Development Manger on 1300 788 601

For more useful tips and advice we recommend reaching out to The Continence Foundation of Australia. They have a free call helpline 1800 33 00 66 or go to their website

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